I am a 'bit’ obsessed with Mid-Century design. I like the clear lines, fabulous shapes and the colors.

Growing up in Germany, our home was strictly Mid Century Modern, from the Scandinavian teak dining area to the West-German pottery collected by my mom. Even our little bungalow was a flat-pack wooden construction imported all the way from Sweden.

My love affair with European Design started when I was very young. As long as I can remember I spent time with my parents walking around flea markets and vintage fairs. A few times per year I travel to Europe, especially Germany to stock up on amazing pottery and other objects. 

When I moved to London to study Art and Design History and Communication, I became more focused in hunting for wonderful retro items – as much for style reasons as economic. But now I also feel strongly about how buying vintage and retro items reduce waste, making it far more gentle on the environment.

Mid Century Design currently experiences a big revival, many popular designers look back to the 1950’s and 1960’s for inspiration. It is easy to furnish a home and mix original old pieces with new design.