Wood's Ware

Wood's Ware is 'utility pottery' - the production started in the 1940's when resources were scarce after WW2 and items were made to be as durable as possible and not use up many raw materials. Usually, these dishes are plain and not adorned with any fancy patterns.

The shape reminds of Art Deco, rather slim and tall, a band of parallel lines is applied to every item (apart from egg cups and some toast racks).

It was manufactured in Stoke-On-Trent by Wood's & Sons. The probably best-known colour is Wood's Ware Beryl, a light, mint green. The other two colours are Jasmine and Iris, a powdery yellow and a pale blue.

Some of the items are increasingly hard to find and fetch high prices with collectors, toast racks for example - I am yet to find one! Other sought-after items are large breakfast cups and soup bowls or large salad bowls. I only ever had one and it sold within minutes.